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Bidet toilet attachments.

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Kourtney Thomas is a life coach helping women find clarity, direction, confidence, the plan to make it happen.

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Not your typical digital product agency.

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Business Strategist for Women Coaches and Client-Based Business Owners.

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Oh, for business's sake...write like you talk!
Learn how to write unignorable words. So you can build a remarkable online business. And attract more dream clients & profits than a donut shop attracts cops.
A Webflow HTML landing template that comes with copywriting guidelines. Perfect for micro startups & side projects.

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Australia's own antioxidant superfood.

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Sian Richardson is a graphic designer who stokes on bold fonts, eye-catching visuals, and tellin' it like it is.

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A copywriting & brand strategy studio to get your words flowing.

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Creative Direction for brave brands.

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Freelance developers anyone would swipe right.

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Clubs designed for the modern-day golf player.

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Who the heck created this website?
Hey there. I'm Miguel Ferreira, the guy behind Nishi (and also Teardwn, Creative Samba and Jack Had A Groove FM).

As Jason Fried said a few years ago, "Most copywriting on the web sucks because it's written for the writer, not for the reader."

Most websites are plagued with business jargon and Me-centric copy. Which is an incredibly stupid business decision. Because it kills conversion rates and sales.

That's why I created Nishi. This is a fun side-project with a simple goal: to celebrate and showcase websites that are written for the reader. Websites that talk like a human. And have a sincere desire to inform.

I hope this is a useful resource for you and your team.

P.S. Are we Twitter friends yet?
Before you leave, here's a little experiment worth trying:

  1. Open a page on your business website (start with your home page).
  2. Press Command + F (if you're using a Mac) or Ctrl+F (if you're using Windows) and type "I".
  3. Count and write down how many times that page repeats the word "I".
  4. Repeat the process for words like:
  • my / me
  • we / our
  • [your name] / her / his (if you are talking about yourself in the 3d person).
5. Now do the same, but for words like:
  • you / your

If you're using the words "We" or "my / me", "we / our" or "[your name] / her / his" more times than "you / your", you're in big trouble.

It means your copy is way too Me-centric. And guess what? That's one of the main reasons why your bounce rates are high. Because your website visitors don't really want to hear about you. They want the hear what's in it for them. They want to hear why your brand is the obvious choice for them.

So here's what you can do. Rewrite your website copy and follow the 6 rules of The Nishi copywriting manifesto.

If you're not good with words and you just realized it's time to hire a Pro, I can help you. My copywriting agency can help you make your message clear and catchy. In Plain English, not mambo jambo jargon.

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